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Beauty Salon Social Media Essentials

In today's society, social media can be a tool used for the benefit, or detriment, of a growing business. Keeping track of the latest marketing trends can help elevate your business to a level that stands out from the seemingly over-saturated branded messaging across all platforms. In this post, we are giving a high level overview on which social media platforms are best for creating brand awareness and cultivating relationships with potential clients.

*The following statements are based on our opinion. We've come to these conclusions through personal experiences over the course of our time in business. At the end of the day, a beauty salon owner must tailor their social media approach to what they feel will work best for their current business model.


We've found that Facebook can be an amazing tool for building local brand awareness. This platform can give a more intimate feel with clients living in close proximity to the physical location of a salon because of the way that the platform is set up. The Meta Business Suite enables you to create business pages to display your portfolio and share updates with clients (change of salon hours, staffing updates, new service announcements, etc). Facebook also has a group feature that allows you to harness a stronger connection outside of your immediate area. You can share intimate information to create a more trusting, devoted society of clients and salon owners. Individuals and businesses looking to experiment with ad campaigns should look into using this platform because of the inexpensive costs to operate.


This is currently our platform of choice. Using eye-catching photos and videos to grab user's attention can lead to heightened interests in your salon across a WIDE network. We love this platform because it is heavily centered on visuals. If you have amazing photos of your work, this is the platform to display that work on. Instagram is used by both younger and older demographics. Your opportunities for exposure are increased exponentially with the use of hashtags, trending sounds, and creative grid layouts. Instagram is another platform that enables you to run targeted ad campaigns. If you own a salon that sells products on a consistent basis, this would be a feature to utilize for sales outside of your local area.


TikTok is the newest, most used platform on the market today. This is a great platform for organic growth of followers at an unprecedented rate. If you have a passion for daily video content creation and staying on top of the weekly marketing trends, this is the platform for you. The only downside would be the potential ban of the use of this platform in the United States due to political reasons. All hope is not lost if that were to happen. It is possible to retain followers by switching to another platform and giving followers the option to transition to that platform.

There are many other platforms to explore, but these are the 3 essential platforms to include in your arsenal of digital content. There are also 4 actions that you must keep in mind when trying to grow your brand on social media:

- Post consistently

- Engage with your followers often

- Stay current on content trends

- Utilize new features when platforms release them

This information only scratches the surface on the features and possibilities of social media. As time progresses, we may develop a series of posts dedicated to social media management. Let us know what you think! What are your favorite platforms, and why? Stay blessed, and feel free to engage with us at any time!

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