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Specialty: Brows + Lips + Lashes

Amore Brows and Beauty Threading


Eyebrow Threading and Shaping is an organic way to shape and clean eyebrows naturally. 100% pure cotton thread is used to remove each hair directly from the follicle every time. Threading is great for sensitive skin and those who may have adverse reaction to wax. This treatment is custom to each client, which comes with a detailed consultation to achieve your preferred brow shape. Makeup filler and concealer is included if desired


Henna is an all natural skin stain that leaves the brows with a fuller look. Henna last 1-2 weeks on the skin and up to 4-6 weeks on the hairs. If you would like to have the look of filled in brows without the hassle of makeup, then this service is for you. Please be advised, if you have little to no brow hair, this service will not be optimal for you. Also note that henna will fade quicker on oily skin. The dryer the henna stays, the longer it will last. Threading is included with this service. 

Amore Brows and Beauty Henna Brows
Amore Brows and Beauty Brow Lamination


This service is great for clients who are more in to the natural, fluffy brow look. Lamination realigns your brow hairs into a more desirable/manageble position to create more thick, fluffy, fuller brows. This service is for clients with normal to full brows. Lamination last 6-8 weeks with proper aftercare and maintenance. This service includes threading or wax. Tint can be added on to create a fuller appearance. Deep nourishing oil is added as a finishing touch.


This service is great for those who would like to enhance their natural lash line without adding extensions. During your service, your natural lashes are curled back and a solution is applied to keep the hairs curled up to 6-8 weeks. Tint is applied to create a darker lash line similar to mascara. Unlike extensions, you can wash your lashes freely and still wear mascara! This service is also great for those wanting to take a break from lash extensions. 


This service is perfect for anyone with full to natural lashes. Extensions are applied at a 1:1 ratio, resulting in a more classy, timeless look. Please be advised, this application is not recommend if you have weak/sparse lashes. Color lashes are available as well. 


Hybrid lashes are a mix between classic and volume. This set is great for anyone wanting more fullness, but yet still light and natural. This set can be customized for each individual client depending on their preferred look of "wet sets, anime or spiked " lashes. Color lashes available to add on. 

Amore Brows and Beauty Hybrid


This service is for those looking for a fuller, darker lash line. Volume lashes are made delicately by hand, using a mix of 5-15 lashes per fan. This is also GREAT for clients with weaker/thinner lashes due to the fact that volume lashes weigh the least. Color lashes available for add on. 


Ombre powder brows is shading only, and gives a very soft and powdery look (similar to makeup). No hairstrokes are placed, resulting in brows starting light in the front and gradually darker towards the end. This is a great alternative if you fill in your brows everyday. Great for ALL skin types. This look can be customized to add more color or hair strokes in the front of the brows if desired. 

Amore Brows and Beauty Ombre
Amore Lip Blush


Lip Blush is a natural lip enhancement using organic pigment to create a fuller, more defined lip that still looks extremely natural and gives a more youthful appearance. The outcome is a tinted lip stain look that enhances your natural shape. This is great for natural or pale lips. This service also enhances your cupids bow, giving you a more defined shape. Lip Blush last 2-3 years. This is great for those who already have lip filler to help showcase their investment. 


This form of lip blush is specifically catered to melanin-rich lips. Due to the presence of purple, blue, or brown undertones, the first step is to neutralize resulting in a peachy outcome. This service requires at least 2 sessions if not more. Lip Neutralization is a science, therefore we can not simply go for pinkish colors right away. Results last 2-3 years. 

Amore Lip Neutralization
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