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3 Ways to Use Salon Management Software to Create a 5-Star Customer Experience

The seemingly daunting tasks of building and maintaining systems to complement a positive client experience should be approached as a forethought in any salon. This can be a challenge, especially for businesses with multiple locations, because of the need to provide a consistent customer experience across all locations. The good news is you can utilize salon management software to help alleviate some of the stressors that come with keeping your salon up to par with ever-changing client expectations. Here are three ways that I personally use technology to maintain consistency in our guest's experiences to increase client retention.


Lets preface this section by saying that WE VALUE WALK-IN SALONS. They are very much needed and appreciated in the beauty salon society because they cater to a large population of clientele. This isn't the approach that we centered our business model around because of the target demographic that we aim to reach. The essence of functionality that our location is rooted in is online booking. A good online booking system will streamline all tasks associated with the booking process (service descriptions, appointment calendars, reminders, checklists, hyperlinks to helpful resources, FAQs, etc). Providing an online booking system relieves salon owners of secretarial/receptionist based work so that the focus can be on other day-to-day tasks. Make sure that the booking system is aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Having all of your "ducks in a row" with your booking system will greatly reduce the chances of clients abandoning the booking process due to technical and/or non-technical difficulties.

Amore Brows and Beauty Booking System


Gift cards aren't limited to restaurants and retail stores. For people who frequent beauty salons for services on a regular basis, these cards can be a great gift idea for the holidays. E-gift cards allow salon owners the opportunity to capitalize on the influx of sales during the holiday seasons. E-gift cards also aid in satisfying the client's need for convenience. Physical cards can be easily misplaced, and this can be an irritating experience for both client and salon owner. E-gift cards eliminate the chances of misplacement, and further enhances a positive client experience.

Amore Electronic Gift Cards


We feel that a descriptive, well thought out website design can set a salon apart from others. In most cases, clients will access the online booking system and E-gift cards through the website. Because of this, the website needs to have clear directions/menu items that even the least of the technically inclined users can easily navigate. Over 60% of website visits occur through the use of mobile devices. Salon owners should prioritize the need to make the website be MOBILE USER FRIENDLY. Doing this will solidify your digital footprint, AND leave a lasting impression on first-time visitors to your website.

*The topic of website development can be greatly expanded upon. We will, more than likely, create a whole post dedicated to this topic.

Amore Brows and Beauty Website Homepage

That's all for today! Leave a comment below on software tools that you find most helpful for your business. Stay blessed and continue to be productive!

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